You can enable your customers to create and send Quick Bills using the AffiniPay Payment Platform. AffiniPay’s integration tasks are written for developers; for a successful integration, you should be familiar with writing code that interacts with REST endpoints using the HTTP protocol as well as the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework.

Note: Quick Bill integration is only available to AffiniPay partners. Before you begin, see the best practices for AffiniPay partners.

1: Connect to the AffiniPay Payment Platform

You have to connect to the AffiniPay Payment Platform before you can create and send Quick Bills. How you connect depends on whether your customers already have AffiniPay accounts.

If your customersDo this
Have AffiniPay accounts, they are AffiniPay merchants and you need permission to take payments on their behalf.Connect existing merchants.
Need AffiniPay accounts, you’ll need to provision an AffiniPay account for them.Connect new merchants.

2: Create a Quick Bill

You must create a Quick Bill that includes information about what the charge is, who will pay it, where the payment will be deposited, and who will receive the email regarding payment.

3: Check for payments

After you create a Quick Bill, you can check for payments.