Start a payment integration

You can integrate your website or application with AffiniPay, ClientPay, CPACharge, or LawPay to take payments securely using the AffiniPay Payment Platform. AffiniPay’s integration tasks are written for developers; for a successful integration, you should be familiar with using OAUth and writing code that interacts with REST endpoints using the HTTP protocol.

1: Connect to the AffiniPay Payment Platform

You have to connect to the AffiniPay Payment Platform before you can run transactions. How you connect depends on how you want to integrate.

To take paymentsDo this
On behalf of your customers, who have AffiniPay accountsYou’re an AffiniPay partner. You need permission to take payments on behalf of your customers, who are AffiniPay merchants. Connect existing merchants.
On behalf of your customers, who need AffiniPay accountsYou’re an AffiniPay partner. You’ll need to submit AffiniPay merchant applications for your customers. You can:
 • Incorporate our sign-up flow into your application and connect new merchants from your application.
 • Incorporate a button into your application to send users to the AffiniPay, ClientPay, CPACharge, or LawPay sign-up flow and connect new merchants using our sign-up flow.
For yourselfYou’re an AffiniPay merchant. Connect using API keys.

2: Choose how users will pay

After you’ve connected, choose where you want users to pay.

To have users payWhy you might choose thisDo this
In your app or siteYou want seamless payment integration in your application or website. You don’t want users to leave your application or website to make a payment. You like the flexibility of a custom payment form.Create a payment form to collect cardholder and payment details, secure those details by tokenizing them, and then make a charge within your application or website.
In our payment portalYou’d prefer to send users to our payment portal.Create an invoice to send users a payment link that enables them to pay within our payment portal.
From a mobile appYou want seamless payment integration from your mobile app and an AffiniPay mobile app.Add deep linking to your mobile app. Your users with transition from your mobile app to an AffiniPay mobile app to enter payment details. Your backend servers will make the charges securely on behalf of your mobile app. This type of integration is for partners only.

Note: If you need to integrate a hosted payments page into your website, contact AffiniPay Support.