Code libraries

AffiniPay’s code libraries kickstart your payment integration with the AffiniPay Payment Gateway API.

JavaScript library for tokenization

You should always use AffiniPay’s hosted field JavaScript library to tokenize payment details without having that data pass through your servers.

Mobile SDK for Gateway integration

You can use the AffiniPay mobile SDK to embed payment screens into your mobile apps. Using these screens and an optional AffiniPay card reader or manual entry, your merchants can take credit card payments securely through your mobile apps. The mobile SDK screens collect customer and payment details. Your backend server, which must already be connected to the AffiniPay Payment Platform, submits the charge.

The following screens are available:

AffiniPay provides Android and iOS sample mobile apps to show how the can be implemented. These apps are available from:

Code libraries for Gateway integration

You can use AffiniPay’s PHP client library, Ruby gem, or .NET client library in your application to perform the following operations on the AffiniPay Payment Gateway:

The PHP client library is available from:

The Ruby gem is available from:

The .NET client library is available from:

Plugins for Gateway integration

You can use AffiniPay’s WordPress or WooCommerce plugin to accept secure, PCI-compliant credit card payments on your site without passing sensitive cardholder data through your WordPress server.

The WordPress plugin is available from:

The WooCommerce plugin is available from: